Foreign country festivals/events

We would love to come to foreign kite festivals. We have been in India, China, Netherlands, Germany and would love to visit other countries and kite festivals with our kites.

Our team are four persons and our luggage is heavy. We have about 60 kilo of kites if we have to go by plane. By car we can have more.

You can take contact to us by sending a mail. We will respond within 24 hours.

We have been to China, India, Qatar, Germany, Netherlands and more. And we love to meet new kitefliers, culture and to show our kites to others and bring joy in that way.

Why foreign country festivals and event?

We have met so many nice people - kiteflyers, eventplanners, organizers and more - and we love to hear about their country, culture, habbits and kiteflying culture. We like very much to give back by coming and representing Denmark and tell about our country and maybe have them visit our kitefestivals here sometime.

Socializing and learning by giving back is a big issue for us.